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DePaul University–a well-respected and academically rigorous university with a focus on ‘inclusivity, personalism, and professionalism’ in partnership with leading global international education provider Study Group will offer virtual learning courses for the Autumn Quarter 2020. These courses are specially designed for the Indian graduate and undergraduate students to avoid disruption of their learning amid the global pandemic and is calling on the Goan students to apply for the Global Gateway Program.

With the 12th Standard Goa Board results being announced recently, Goan Graduates and Undergraduates are invited to apply for the DePaul University’s Global Gateway Program. Last dates to apply for the Global Gateway Program (GGP) are 4 August 2020 for graduate students and 10 August 2020 for undergraduate students

Ranked as the #125 top university in the USA, DePaul has 15 years of experience in delivering online education to students and is recognised at #42 in the nation for Most Innovative School (U.S. News & World Report, 2020).

As a part of its offering, the DePaul University Global Gateway Program (GGP) will provide a combination of academic and English learning courses to those students who are academically qualified but need to enhance their English proficiency. Undergraduate and graduate students will take high-quality, interactive and engaging courses from the same DePaul faculty who teach the on-campus courses and will earn the same number of credits online as they would in face-to-face courses. Along with virtual lessons, students will also have a chance to be mentored by the same team of experts who they will interact with on campus.

Offered in partnership with Study Group, a leading provider of international education, the GGP staff and DePaul work closely together to ensure that international students will receive the same high-quality online programme as offered on campus, maintaining a seamless transition to on-campus learning.  The initiative will further allow GGP students to obtain the same number of credits upon the successful completion of their quarterly courses as if they were studying on campus and providing one-to-one support to help students develop confidence, skills, and knowledge.

Emma Lancaster, Chief Executive of Study Group

Chief Executive of Study Group, Emma Lancaster welcomed the initiative, saying ‘Study Group is very proud to work with leading universities such as De Paul to offer opportunities for a high-quality international education to talented Indian students. Over the years we have seen our students thrive in their studies and we are deeply proud of the work we have done with them and university teachers to help students achieve their educational aims and from there go on to rewarding careers. This new programme is one more expression of our shared determination to support international students who want to make a positive difference for themselves and society.”

Sharing the announcement, Dr. Gretchen Frickx, Director of the Global Gateway Program at DePaul, said, “We are glad to provide the best possible solution to the international students so that they do not need to delay their academic goals. While the environment has changed, we’re still delivering the same high quality classes with the same experienced DePaul instructors, and we’re still supporting our students throughout their journeys. We will help students get where they want to be – on the right course, to their chosen career and ultimately studying on campus.”

The university aims to enable students by giving them access to their online learning management system platform Desire2Learn (D2L), in which students access their course materials, connect with their instructors and classmates, and complete assignments. The GGP and DePaul University maintain academic support services online, including one-to-one advising through the GGP, faculty office hours, and access to additional services like The Writing Center and tutoring services within academic departments. Additionally, the university has dedicated student support services to ensure student’s well-being and health.

Whether international students choose to enroll in the GGP or to apply for direct admission to DePaul University, they do not need to delay their academic goals with DePaul’s virtual learning option and can pursue programmes in in computer science, business, technology, science, management and many other options for undergraduate and graduate students. 

For students who decide to withdraw after beginning their online courses, GGP and direct admission students may receive a 100% refund on their tuition within 14 days of starting their course online, should they decide not to continue with virtual learning for the quarter. If a student completes the course online and is then not able to come to the US because of visa denials, that student will be entitled to a 50% refund of tuition paid after completing the online programme if he/she has achieved the required minimum GPA requirement, has met academic progress criteria, and shows evidence of three (3) visa denials. Terms and conditions apply.

To apply to one of the programmes at DePaul University: