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Healthway Hospital has commenced a Department of Ayurveda and Yoga center recently. The hospital will merge modern science and traditional practices of Ayurveda and yoga together in a holistic manner.

In its endeavour to deliver quality service to its patients the hospital has partnered with Dr. Tina Dias, an international Ayurveda Consultant with clinics across regions. Dr. Tina began her career in Dubai, UAE and speaks at various International conferences. She is also a trained wellness coach.

At a time when Goa and the country is facing a pandemic, Dr Tina says, “There is much uncertainty with regards to the duration and outcome of this pandemic and its prolonged impact on health and mental state in particular. During these difficult times a system of medicine which can help develop and boost immunity would be essential for our community to navigate these challenges”.

Dr Tina elaborates, “Every healthcare system has its own strengths and weaknesses. We will work together to provide our community a common platform. Our vision is good health and complete cure of the patient.”

At Healthway Hospital, Ayurveda would be made available to patients at outpatient and inpatient level. Dr.Tina and her team would be available round the clock helping patients recover from their problems, and then to follow the right advice on diet, daily regimen, seasonal regimen among other processes.

Dr. Tina adds, “Other services we will offer include weight management, hair fall treatment, skin care, geriatric care, pregnancy and maternal support, stress management, diabetic and wound care, child healthcare, diet and nutrition and most importantly Panchkarma and Detox which will be delivered with expertise.”