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The Career and Personal Counseling Centre of Chowgule College has announced a new course in Healthy Living. The classes will begin on 1st July and will be conducted at the college premises.  Healthy Living has been introduced as a part of the Honours Programme in ‘Lifestyle Management’.

The course will cover aspects of Healthy Living which include fitness, diet, exercise, grooming, and simple household remedies. The programme will be conducted by different experts from the field; Dr. Medha Bakhle will take classes on maintaining a diet, Dr. Devashish Bagchi will give a session on fitness and exercise, Harshita Saxena will focus on personal grooming and Dr. Joy Pereira will share her expertise in household remedies.

The total duration of the programme is 30 hours and will be conducted twice a week in the evenings. Certificates will be issued by The Career and Personal Counseling Centre to candidates completing the course.

For further details please contact the Career and Personal Counseling Centre on 2759504, Extn 2215 Email: