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Providing students with a platform for professional growth, Chowgule College of Arts and Science held its Internship Ceremony at the Campus in Margao. 51 students were awarded internship certificates at the event to mark the completion of the month-long summer program.

Said Dr. R.V Gaonkar, Principal, Chowgule College, at the internship ceremony, “The summer internship was a great learning experience for students. It was a meticulous process of understanding student needs, gauging their talents and figuring out what company best suits them. Academic performance is necessary but if we don’t prepare students to perform professionally then there’s no point. These internships allow students to have exposure to a workplace, preparing them for the future”. He further said that the internship programme henceforth will be held throughout the academic year.

Rahul Rodrigues, Media and Marketing Manager at Salgaoncar Football Club, with whom three students interned, shared his thoughts on the program. “This great institute is now at par with the country’s finest institutes. The internship program will stand to help students and grant them with cutting edge experience to stand out in terms of professional experience. We at Salgaoncar FC were pleased by the passion of the students at Chowgule Chowgule that interned with us. Internships help you find out what you want to do and most importantly, what you don’t want to do.”

Among the guests present at the event were Leonard Fernandes, Director, Cinnamonteal Book Publishing Company, Raj Panandiker, Director, Arjun Tree Real Estate Company, Ms Louise Remedios, Director, Reynold Events, Oswin Vas, Director, AROS Events, Daegal Godhinho, Director, Carpe Diem Creative Art Gallery, Jocy Fernandes, Project Manager, Tara Trust, Ryan De Silva, Senior Sales Manager, Chowgule Industries-Automobile, Govind Khandeparker, HR Manager, Chowgule Industries-Automobile, Vishwajit Gandhi, Director Swaruchi Boutique, Jose Lorenco, Media Course Coordinator, Chowgule College, Pranav Vernekar, Founder, Inventrom, Carissa Rodrigues, HR manager, Quadros Motors and Deepak Desai, Assistant HR Manager, Apollo Victor Hospitals.

11 interns out of the 51, were shortlisted as the star performers at the summer internship program and were felicitated for their performance.

Two students Tanvi Dessai, who was an intern at CinnamonTeal Publishing Company and Abhijit Patil who was an intern at Transverse Technology Verna got a special mention for having received a full time job offer from the company they interned with.

Said Nidhi Fernandes, a student of the college who interned with Salgaoncar FC, “Chowgule College gave me a great opportunity. Insights to what its like to work at a professional sports club and helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses. It has opened an avenue of opportunities for me.”

“The internship program is very useful to the students and I am very impressed with the students of this college based on what I have observed in Kenisha.” Said Louise Remedios, Director, Reynold Weddings, based on intern Kenisha Vaz’s performance. “Our doors are always open to her should she ever choose to work with us, once she has completed her basic education degree.”

Speaking about Ashwini Raut, Raj Panandikar, Director, Arjun Tree Real Estate Company said, “We were looking for someone who could write content for our blog and we discussed and decided that the person could perhaps write two posts at best in that month. Ashwini, our intern, managed to write seven and I was delightfully surprised at the quality of the work she delivered with minimum guidance. I had expected to do quite a bit of editing before the articles could go live on our website but I hardly had to do any. All in all, we had a very good experience and I hope the program continues and grows.”

Added Vasant Hede, Marketing Officer, Chowgule College who has been spearheading the internship programme, “We have noticed that a number of students have been approaching the college seeking internship opportunities. Internships are a great learning opportunity for students and offer an unparalleled experience. Some of the students have even received job offers from the companies they interned at”.