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A Goa Geographers Research Journal was released at the hands of Dr. Satish Shetye and Principal Dr. R. V. Gaonkar at the 2 day national conference held at Chowgule College

The Department of Geography, Parvatibai Chowgule College, Margao recently organized a two day national conference on ‘Changing Geographies: The Dynamics of Natural & Cultural Landscapes’. Dr. S.R. Shetye, Vice-Chancellor, Goa-University inaugurated the national conference at Chowgule College in the presence of Principal Dr. R. V. Gaonkar and Vice Principal Dr. N. N. Sawant, Head of the Department of Geography.

Speaking at the conference, Dr. Satish Shetye, Vice Chancellor of Goa University, narrated how the route from Europe to East Asia was kept a secret by the Portuguese Archbishop but was later disclosed to the world by a Dutchman. These revelations lead to the changing cultural landscape which is now called globalization. Speaking further on change, Dr. Satish Shetye said “It is wonderful to see how Chowgule College has kept up with the changing times and has become a proud unit of the Goa University’’

The conference focused on the spatio-temporal relationship of man and environment, the drastic change in the geographical spheres which has resulted in environmental degradation. The two day event saw delegates from all over the country participate in the conference.A Goa Geographers Research Journal was also released at the hands of Dr. Satish Shetye and Principal Dr. R. V. Gaonkar.

The Department of Geography at Chowgule College is instrumental in organizing national and state level conferences, seminars and workshops for the Geography fraternity. It has always been at the forefront of organizing different events which provide a professional edge to the students as well as its faculty.