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With the world recently celebrating World Cancer Day, Goa received a boost with the opening of a dedicated Sunrise Oncology Centre, in Margao, which offers end-to-end comprehensive cancer care provided by renowned and highly experienced doctors. The centre provides Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Targeted therapy, Metronomic therapy and also Nutritional counselling, Cancer physiotherapy, Psychiatric counselling, Palliative care and pain management services with a special focus on providing great patient experience while taking care of the needs of the caregivers as well.

In its projections, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) had projected nearly 17.3 Lakh new cases in 2020 and up to 8.8 Lakh are expected to succumb to the disease in 2020. Alongside this and in an attempt to spread awareness, Sunrise Oncology Centre has also launched a social media campaign called, ‘Cancer se Darna Nahi, Ladna hai’.

According to Girish Korde, Director, Sunrise Oncology Centre, “We plan to launch a chain of day-care centres by 2022 to serve the people of Maharashtra and Goa. Our current centres are equipped with cutting edge technology and a panel of expert oncologists and specialists that bring a humane touch to the treatment. We want to empower every person with cancer with the knowledge, motivation and medical support to look forward to defeating cancer positively.”

Dr Ashay Karpe, one of the leading Medical Oncologists in Mumbai and also a specialist in Blood and Bone Marrow Cancers, states, “At Sunrise, we aim to provide comprehensive, end to end cancer care and treatment. It not only includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy but also nutritional counselling, cancer physiotherapy, psychiatric counselling, pain management and palliative care. We consider treating the cancer patient as a whole family of caregivers.”

According to Dr Bharat Bhosale, a highly experienced Medical Oncologist, “The lack of infrastructure in the public sector and the expensive treatment in private specialised facilities leave thousands of people with little to no options. At Sunrise, we provide comprehensive, end to end cancer care and treatment, while ensuring that it can be accessed by all types of patients. With our new centres, more people will have access to the best facilities and experts. Also, we not only focus on treatment access but also patient experience throughout the treatment journey.”

Statistics on Cancer in India:

  • 1 in 10 Indians will develop cancer during their lifetime and 1 in 15 will die of the disease – As per Financial Express
  • Maharashtra, 5727, died due to cancer last year alone in public hospitals whilst receiving chemotherapy – as per Economic Times
  • An average of two cases of cancer is reported in Goa as per the Times of India report. With access to affordable and customised solutions, more lives can be saved
  • In India, the six most common cancer types were breast cancer (162,500 cases), oral cancer (120,000 cases), cervical cancer (97,000 cases), lung cancer (68,000 cases), stomach cancer (57,000 cases), and colorectal cancer (57,000) – as per Financial Express