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Home grown diversified firm Bennet & Bernard with majority business interest in eco luxury real estate, hospitality & gastronomy has announced its foray in FMCG space with the launch of premium cold cuts under the banner of Artisan Deli in Goa market. Pioneers of world-class foods served at its multiple restaurants in Goa, Bennet & Bernard have now launched a range of eleven uniquely crafted chicken & pork cold cuts which will be available at all the leading supermarkets across Goa. With menus curated in-house, options of gluten free products, compliance to guidelines at every stage of food production, storage and transportation, the product is definitely value-add to the start of your meal every day.

Artisan Deli has evolved from the need to produce processed meats that stand a class apart purely based on their flavour, the quality of the ingredients and their presentation. Bennet & Bernard Group will soon go pan India with this brand and is focused on creating an exclusive range of processed foods in India and global markets with manufacturing units in multiple cities across the country. The company currently runs two business units: Bennet & Bernard custom homes Pvt Ltd & Bennet & Bernard Gastronomy hospitality Pvt Ltd.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Lincoln Bennet Rodrigues, Founder and Chairman, Bennet & Bernard Group said: “Artisan Deli is personal to me. I’ve partnered with my team of seasoned restaurateurs who have been in the industry for the past few years in developing the recipes or Artisan Deli. While, we have had great success from our various restaurants, we have been determined to procure superior quality cold cuts to keep up with the standards we set.We believe that our cold cuts would meet international quality standards as well as be a healthy alternative for our consumers. For this very reason we completely avoid all artificial colour or flavour, any added MSG or hormones. We provide options for nitrite- free and some of our products are completely gluten- free. Finally, we incorporate exquisite packaging and easy availability of these products alongside great line-up of more Artisan Deli products”.

Talking about company’s ambitious plans in the FMCG segment, Mr. Lindsay Bernard Rodrigues, Co-owner and Director, Bennet & Bernard Group added: “We want to make FMCG a large business. We have got some very interesting new products in the space of healthy food & snacking ready for launch in the near future. With this launch, we aim to drive the next wave of growth for our group. We are also planning to bring international products to Indian market. Our aim is to create a unique source of competitive advantage through diversity of the businesses and create new opportunities for growth. We are also looking at possible acquisitions, both in the country and in the global market to grow rapidly. We also recently made an international acquisition with the start of business in Portugal.”

Bennet & Bernard Group prides itself from developing the most desirable Custom Luxury Homes in Goa to the finest and highest rated restaurants and further expanding its horizon in the hospitality sector in Europe. The company has also gone from handpicked locations in Goa to exotic locations of the world. With a penchant towards exclusive designs, unique architecture, idiosyncratic living concepts, smart homes along with finest quality of construction, Bennet & Bernard Custom Homes has positioned itself as a mark of quality, passion and innovation. Bennet & Bernard has created award winning projects which included Indian Green Building Council (2015) and 6-star CRISIL rating (2017).