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In our fast paced lives, we often tend to lookfor ways to connect with nature. Not only does it help   break the monotony of life, it also gives the much needed time and context to connect with ourselves.Even as we keep in sync with the changing times, imbibe the diversityaround us and open ourselves to change; there remains an urge to be rooted to our unique identities. .One colour which beautifully reflects this thought isWILD BERRIESshade ofKansai Nerolac Paints Ltd (KNPL),our colour for this year. Wild Berries as a shade lends itself seamlessly to a discerning, natural impressions in almost any setting.

Wild Berries(inspired by Bor – wild fruit)is a variant of Burnt Brick.Itcomplements Indian designs and multipliestheir appeal.This colour is grounded in our culture and crafts -from the red soil of the Western Ghats, to traditional Indian pottery and the sloping roofs of South of India.

The beauty of this shade is its compatibilityin palettes for both interiors and exteriors.

Kansai Nerolac suggests a few ways you can use Wild Berries to beautify your home:

  • Paint a wall with the colour and offset it with brightly patterned fabric and neutral flooring. Use it as an accent against lush backgrounds to perk up the space for a nature lover, or as a subtle contrast against old wood, aged metal and pale grey walls in unfinished luxury or classic décor.
  • Use Wild Berriesfor furnishings and accessories to give a pop of colour to an otherwise muted interior. Being a warm but robust colour, Wild Berries, used as a backdrop, can harmonize objects, accessories and furnishings for a global traveller.
  • Painting doors in the warm, welcoming colour will uplift the entire house. The sophisticated and natural earthiness that this colourexudes, makes it a preferred choice home exteriors both standalone houses and for buildings too.


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