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Motorcycling in itself is an art. From ink illustrations to graffiti art, airbrushin, water colours and photographs, artists with a shared passion for bikes and art will display their skills at the two-day bike festival India Bike Week 2019.

Here’s what not to miss in the art arena at IBW 2019

Sneha Yadav, Ink Illustrator

Sneha Yadav, Ink Illustrator

Mumbai-based artist Sneha Yadav encapsulates her love for machines through ink illustrations and water colours. The idea of Mechologue, her agency  was born when Sneha discovered that drawing machines made her happy. From cars, jeeps and bikes she moved to sketching defence, construction vehicles and aircrafts. She was unable to pursue a degree in art design. Today Sneha has found a way to live her dream of creating art which she can relate to.

“Machines fascinate me. There is something about the way they sound, they work, and they have always been of an interest. I grew up watching my dad work his magic on cars. So the love for the machines came naturally to me,” explains Yadav.

Sneha will have some of her best sketches and water colour work on display at IBW 2019. She will also be conducting a workshop and interacting with artists on automobile art.

Prankur Rana, Photography and Sketches

Prankur Rana: Photography and Sketches

There are many ways to tell a story. Rana does it through photography.  Pictures that invoke a desire and an urge to travel on a bike and see the world around us. Prankur is a bohemian on wheels who brings such beautiful stories through photographs of his bike at the most spectacular locations – from the rocky and less explored roads of the Himalayas to the green hills of Uttrakhand to the beaches of Goa.

With over 15,000 followers on Instagram, he is a social media influencer and has been a part of many Royal Enfield and Harley Davidson events. But this does not stop him from taking up new challenges and packing his bags to explore parts of India. He has explored the beauty of Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa on backpacking bike trips.

Tilak Gowda

Tilak Gowda: Customised art on bikes and helmets

Tilak Gowda began Rlz Motorsports to be able to offer innovative design and customised options to bikers who crave for something different. From airbrushed customised helmets to luminor designs on bikes, Gowda and his team will be showcasing a range of new designs at IBW 2019 created at his studio and workshop in Bangalore.

Airistic Custom: Airbrush and paint studio, graffiti art

Airistic Customs is a full-fledged airbrush studio, handling by a team of professional and experienced artists with a shared passion for art and bikes. From creating art on bikes and cars to creating customised graffiti art for homes and offices, the folks at Airistic Customs can do it all. At IBW 2019 the team will be conducting live art workshops and graphic paint jobs on bike accessories to offer people a peek into the world of moto art.