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Chronic kidney disease (CKD), is the sixth fastest-growing cause of death in the world and is threatening to leave a footprint in Goa. Goa ranks among the few Indian states with a high population ratio with kidney disease, especially in the rural areas of the coastal state where lack of awareness as well as unhealthy dietary habits, and certain unknown causes have contributed to the high growth of the non-communicable disease. Often this leads to advanced kidney disease which leads to dialysis.

The good news for patients with kidney problems is that the state has seen several successful cases of kidney transplant over the past 2 years says Dr. Shital Lengade, one of the top nephrologists in Goa. “Due to advancement in medical facilities in the state, patients can now opt for a kidney transplant right here in Goa and do not need to travel to another state. Even while we are in the midst of a pandemic, there have been various cases where patients have successfully undergone a transplant, especially within families, and saved lives. The surgeries have taken place ensuring all necessary covid related protocols are followed with utmost care and caution,” said Dr Lengade, Consultant Nephrologist at Healthway Hospital.

Explained Dr. Lengade, “Kidney transplant is considered when someone has kidney failure or Stage 5 Chronic kidney disease ( eGFR below 15ml/min). A majority of patients are required to start dialysis treatment before undergoing kidney transplant. For anyone diagnosed with kidney failure, kidney transplant is the best treatment option as it restores near normal health, improves the quality of life and significantly improves survival rate compared to dialysis. Kidney transplant in women in childbearing age restores their fertility and chances to have successful pregnancies.  Explaining further on post-operative care, said Dr. Lengade, “After you have the transplant, dialysis is no longer required and one can lead a relatively healthy and normal life,”

Healthway Hospital, Old Goa, has hosted several interactive session between patients suffering from kidney ailments and those who have undergone a successful kidney transplant. Patients along with their families were brought together by the hospital to create healthy conversations on post-transplant operative care, care during dialysis, and the general well-being of the patient.

Dr Shital Lengade, Consultant Nephrologist at Healthway Hospital explained that patients of dialysis can live a healthy life while managing their treatments. “Let dialysis be a part of your life and not at the core of your life. Most importantly don’t lose hope. People with kidney ailments as well as patients of kidney transplant are able to lead a full life. Social support of family is very important through this process for the patient, donor, and the family,” advised Lengade.

Healthway Hospital, Old Goa’s super speciality unit has emerged to become the regions pioneer tertiary care centre where advanced surgical cases including kidney transplant surgery are carried out routinely.

Dr. Lengade also serves as the honorary kidney transplant nephrologist at the state’s premier Goa Medical College and Hospital.