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(L-R)Avinash Singh Parmar and Kedar Jirage, co-founders of Ayur Blaze along with the product line launched

Tough times inflicted by the Covid-19 pandemic have inspired a Goa-based start-up to launch into the wellness sector with their initiative Ayur Blaze, which offers 100 per cent natural and ayurvedic products for authentic healing of the body, mind and soul.

Founded in 2020 in Goa by Avinash Singh Parmar and Kedar Jirage, Ayur Blaze’s initial range of Eight ayurvedic and wellness products include ‘Made in Bharat’ immunity boosters like Tulsi Drops, Immuniblaze Ras, Ayurmeh Ras, Amla Ras and more.

The product line also includes hand sanitisers, shampoo made from the extract of Kalonji or Nigella seeds and an ayurvedic cough syrup.

“We are a new – age advanced ayurvedic pharmaceutical company. Ayur Blaze has sought to bring in authentic healing and chemical-free ayurvedic products to society using traditional holistic approach, while promoting the message of Ayurveda. Currently we are offering a range of eight ayurvedic and wellness products, “said Avinash Singh Parmar, Founder, Ayur Blaze.

“Adversities also come with opportunities. The Covid-19 pandemic has taught all of us the importance of staying healthy, both in body and soul. Ayur Blaze’s range of natural products promote healthy living based on the principles of Ayurveda”, explains Co-founder Kedar Jirage. Kedar has established the Jeevan Rekha Pharmacies in Panjim and Miramar.  

Ayur Blaze products are 100 per cent vegetarian and natural, manufactured with the help of meticulous processes with tried and tested ayurvedic formulations that are designed to positively impact the body, mind and soul.

“We are committed to integrate Ayurveda into the lives of individuals and to be a preferred provider of natural ayurvedic products through quality, service and timely deliveries,” Avinash said adding that the company is driven to scaling up to 100 products by the end of 2025 with market coverage across India and beyond”.

Ayur Blaze has been nurtured at the Atal Incubation Centre at the Goa Institute of Management, one of a series of incubation centres promoted by the central government’s NITI Aayog, to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the country and create scalable and sustainable business enterprises.

Avinash Singh Parmar is also founder of The Verda Group of Hotels and Resorts which had started a pathbreaking business model by setting up the first chain of hotels in hilly, but picturesque terrain of Ladakh, with a special focus on upgrading and standardising customer experience for guests.