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In Goa since 1st July 2020, CORONA positives cases have been on a rise. The state has touched almost 4500 positive cases and it’s an alarming spike in positives cases across the state. The Association of All Goa Muslim Jamats has issued this ADVISORY to the community to be followed during the celebration of EID UL ADHA (Bakrid) 2020

❖ The HILAL COMMITTEE OF GOA met on Tuesday 21-07-2020 and decided that moon was NOT sighted in Goa, hence EID UL ADHA (Bakrid) will be celebrated on 1st August 2020.

❖  EID UL ADHA namaz shall NOT be held at any Masjids or Idgahs across the state of Goa. We request our brothers to offer “Chast Namaz” from their respective homes along with family members. We request you NOT to organize any EID UL ADHA namaz in your locality or open place as this is NOT permissible. Large Gathering / Congregations are still prohibited as per the guidelines issued by Government of India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

❖  We still RECOMMEND that masjid committee should further delay the opening of masjids for another ONE month for regular 5 times namaz keeping in mind the current rise in Corona cases in Goa. In -case any masjid committee feels that they can strictly adhere to the S.O.P / Masjid Safety Measurers provided earlier by us, then they can open their respective masjids ONLY for residents living close to the masjids. Friday namaz still remains prohibited.

❖  Do NOT crowd in markets for Eid shopping, follow Social Distancing, Sanitisation and COMPULSORY use of face mask at all times.

❖  Government of Goa has issued STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE to be followed while conduct of QURBANI

2020, which shall ONLY be performed at Goa Meat Complex, Usgao. All Government orders pertaining to performance of QURBANI 2020 have been issued to all respective government departments. A co-ordination meeting of various government departments of Goa, Goa Police officials along with members of our association and Qurbani stake holders was chaired by Dr. Pramod Sawant, Hon. Chief Minister of Goa on 24th  July 2020. During  this  meeting  all departments  assured  full co-operation  to our association and  stake holders  towards smooth conduct of Qurbani 2020 at Goa Meat Complex, Usgao.

❖  Association requests members of our community to perform Qurbani ONLY at GOA MEAT COMPLEX, Usgao. The Government of Goa has BANNED any person, organisation or committee from performing Qurbani within their compound or any other place besides Goa Meat Complex. Strict action shall be initiated against any such person or committee by the government.


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