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Looking at the saltfish this monsoon season Paul Fernandes, Faculty Chef at Kamaxi College of Culinary Arts was reminded of a salted cod dish that was introduced to him in the 80s during his time in Jamaica. A simple yet delicious dish, this multipurpose recipe can be whipped up for breakfast, lunch or dinner. However you choose to consume it, you will be left satisfied with a full belly, perhaps even seeking second or third helpings.

In the Caribbean, saltfish plays an important role in many cuisines. Codfish is an excellent source of protein and the process of drying preserves many of its nutrients. It is also said that salting and drying codfish makes it tastier. Both saltfish and cabbage are naturally low in carb making this recipe perfect for those who are trying to lose weight.  In addition to all that, it’s a simple recipe to make with no fuss or complexity.

Salted Cod and Cabbage (4 pax)

Ingredients                       Qty

Salted cod                              6pcs

Cabbage shredded          500g

Onions sliced                       150g

Chillies green slit               per choice of spice

Tomatoes sliced                60g

Thyme leaves                      few sprigs

Cracked black pepper    5g

Scallions                                  10g

Dried red chillies                3 each


1) Soak the salted cod and simmer at least twice to remove excess salt. Discard the water.

2) Flake the fish and keep aside.

3) Sweat the onions in olive oil and add both the chillies.

4) Add the shredded cabbage, seasonings, thyme and half cook.

5) Add the flaked fish and the tomatoes. Cook until cabbage is done.

6) Serve as a main course or side dish.