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On the occasion of International Daughter’s Day celebrated this 25th September, BLive has curated a special tour on e-bikes to commemorate the day: A Daughter’s Day out on the island of Divar.

The special e-bike tour will commence from the Old Goa Residency, Ella road at 11:00 am and transition with a ferry ride across Mandovi river to settle in the quaint but picturesque island of Divar. Every great escapade needs a leader and at the forefront of the tour, a knowledgeable tour guide will lead the way from the start to the end of the tour. The journey will offer rides through historically recognised religious sites such as the archaeological ruins of a 12th century temple and a musical holy bathing site called Porne Tirth and Goa’s stunning baroque styled church with panoramic views of the village.

Encapsulating the essence of the village, an “in one’s shoes” experience of a native’s life will be showcased while getting a scrumptious feast prepared from the very hands that have maintained the reverence of the traditional village and humble community. In addition, a renowned local musician is called upon to serenade the audience with melodies and notes that are woven with tales of a simpler time. The tour will be undertaken with the ease of an electric bike with the intention of leaving no footprint on this pristine and untouched landscape. The Island of Divar has much to offer and BLive has pulled out all the stops to make this a memorable experience this Daughter’s day. 

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