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The coast witnessed 6 incidents over the weekend. The body of the male who fell from the rocks into the sea at Sinquerim was recovered over the weekend. The police alerted the Drishti lifesaving team that a body was spotted on the rocks at Sinquerim. The male was from a group of five who had ventured to the Aguada lighthouse. Due to extremely rough and dangerous sea conditions the jetski was unable to make its way to the rocky area.
The body eventually moved into the sea and was recovered from in front of the Taj Hotel at Sinquerim 100 mtr away from shore. A jetski was launched and the body was brought back to shore and the police was intimated. It was confirmed by the Police that the body was that of the person who fell from the rocks. The police has taken over the matter
In another incident at Sinquerim, a single male aged 26 years was walking over a rocky area and was suddenly struck by a large and strong wave which knocked him into the sea. The life saver rushed to the area and rescued him by using a rescue tube.
At Colva, a male aged 48 years old was in the waters with his family when he accidently slipped in the water and dislocated his knee. First aid was immediately administered to him and he was subsequently handed over to 108 ambulance service.
An intoxicated male was seen attempting to jump from the Dona Paula jetty. Lifesaver by the name of Mahadev Upaskar and Umesh Kankonkar rushed to the male and calmed him down. They conversed with the man and convinced him to not take the leap. The man was handed over to the Panjim police station for counselling.
There was a single rescue at Baga beach, where a male aged 24 years from Karnataka was rescued by two lifesavers Babaji Naik and Sanjay Yadav.
Meanwhile at Arambol, a dead body was retrieved from the waters. The police was notified immediately and a panchanama is conducted.
Citizens are advised to not venture on to the rocks as the surface can be slippery and dangerous. The seas are rough and red flags are erected along the coastel belt.