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The Panjim Gymkhana Members League 2.0 auction in its second edition saw the six teams – Baale Tigers, Dempo Challengers, Manas Mavericks, Prescon Panthers, Priority Titans and RC Goa – battle it out at the player auction to create their teams from 148 cricket players.

The T-20 cricket tournament is scheduled to kick-off in January 2023 and has a purse of 2 lakhs for the winning team and 1 lakh for the runner up in addition to other prizes

Francisco the auctioneer began the proceedings by making clear the rules of the process. What followed next was a test of business skills and a fight between the teams to pick the players of their choice.

U25 state player, 19 year old Manish Pai Kakode was picked by Team Dempo Challengers while present Ranji player Vedant Naik was selected by Priority Titans.

Cricketer Mukhtar Kadri bagged the highest bid offer of 85 lakh points after a round of fierce bidding between teams. He will be playing for Priority Titans this year. Player Harshad Gadekar came second with a bid offer of 64 lakh points and went to RC Goa. Player Buddhadev Mangaldas came a close third with an offer of 55 lakh points made by Prescon Panthers.

The team jerseys were unveiled at the auction by the team owners and representatives- Kapil Angle for Baale Tigers; Tanmay Kholkar Team Owner Manas Mavericks; Vinay Kedia Team Owner Prescon Panthers,  Shrinivas V. Dempo Team Owner Dempo Challengers; Rajesh Dessai, Team Owner RC Goa and Parind Nachinolkar, Team Owner, Priority Titans  – in the presence of Manoj Caculo, President and Rajesh Khaunte Hon. Secretary Panjim Gymkhana.

“We have successfully created a T-20 league in Goa. The auction was power-packed as the six teams put together their teams. This year’s edition will be on a whole other level. PGML 2.0 will be a carnival of cricket with a purse money of 2 lakhs for the winning team and 1 lakh for the runner ups,”said Manoj Caculo, President, Panjim Gymkhana.

“The stage is now set for the league which will kick off in Jan 2023 and bring together cricket fans and supporters to come and witness the teams in action at the prestigious Panjim Gymkhana cricket ground in Panjim”, honorary secretary of the Panjim Gymkhana, Rajesh Khaunte said.

Dempo Challengers team owner Shrinivas Dempo said, “It was a privilege to be part of the first edition and we look forward to PGML 2.0.  Panjim Gymkhana has played a very catalytic role in the development of sport and the foundation set up by the first CM of Goa has given an impetus to cricket. PGML is a step in the right direction. We are sure people will come forward to support players and the league. “

Iftikar Agha c0-owner of Prescon Panthers defending champions, said,”PGML 2.0 will witness healthy competition between teams especially with the addition of two more teams. Its going to be an excellent league this season.”

Added Tanmay Kholkar Team Owner Manas Mavericks, “The teams will play a competitive game on the pitch with a lot of camaraderie. All the teams have spent a considerable time to plan out the strategy in team selection for the auction and subsequent training sessions. We are in the reckoning and its going to be a cracker of a league.”

Rajesh Dessai Team Owner RC Goa said, “We will be a competitive team who will play the sport in the spirit of the game. We are privileged to be part of PGML 2.0. We hope PGML 2.0 encourage more cricket in the state.”

Parind Nachinolcar, Team Owner, Priority Titans added, “We are excited to be part of PGML 2.0 which is a fun sporting event filled with excitement and enthusiasm. We look forward to meeting the teams on the pitch.”

The much anticipated cricket league is scheduled to kick-off in the first week of January 2023, where the six teams will battle for supremacy in the league, which will be played in a round robin format.

The inaugural game of the tournament will be played on 7th January, 2023.

Located along the picturesque Mandovi River, the Panjim Gymkhana, established in 1963, has been recognized as one of the oldest and premier sports clubs and is considered as the nursery of cricket in Goa.